2022 Calico Mogfest

  October 13th to 16th 2022

  Calico Ghost Town Campground
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  Nada, this is a free event, come out and have a good time. You will need to get a camping space or hotel. I have secured about 8 space this year so contact me to see if any are still available. We're trying to keep everyone centrally located around AC-1 and B1 area.

RV Park Map:
I have 3 spaced PRE-RESERVED still available. Arrival 10/13/2022; Leaving 10/16/2022 (3 nights @ $40/night + Reservation Fee $7 = $127) :
  - AC1 => Joe & Tammy O'Bremski (PAID)
  - AC2 => Dave & Kathy Little (PAID)
  - AC3 => Kevin Strain
  - B1 => Dan Dreher (PAID)
  - B2 => Damon (PAID)
  - A21 => Terry Lane (PAID)
  - A22 => Jim (PAID)
  - A23 => Alan Draper (PAID)

And I see we have others getting in early to get their spots.
  - A8 => Dave Dixon
  - A12 => Moy
  - A13 => Dave MacDonald
  - A14 => Chuck Presnail
  - A15 => Bill @ Kathleen Caid
  - C1 => Eric Lint
  - D2 => Werner Roden

Spaces marked in RED around are already RESERVED! (Updated 9/19/2022)

What is provided?
  - Campfire
  - All the mog talk you can stand
  - Great folks to go wheelin with
  - Mogarita Bar

What will we do?
  - Group run Friday @ 0900
  - Easy and hard group runs Saturday @ 0900
  - Group pot luck on Saturday night @ 1700
  - Of course, at night there will be the usual advice, tall tales, and camaraderie.

What should I bring?
  - Firewood
  - Food and water.
  - Gas stations are 5 minutes from camp with fast food and a mini-mart
  - Barstow is only 15 minutes away should you need anything major
  - Tent or camper
  - CB Radio (We will monitor Ch 4)
  - HAM Radio (We will monitor 146.555)

I have more questions:
  Q - What amenities are available?
  A - The Calico campground has tent spaces all the way up to full hookup spaces and even a few cabins. They also have many other ammenities such as: quarter operated public showers and restrooms.

  Q - Where will Mog Central be located?
  A - Mog Central will basically be somewhere near the Northeast end of the A campground loop.

  Q - Where is the Mogarita Bar and coffee pots?
  A - Mogarita bar will be open each night and coffee each morning located on my gooseneck trailer near Mog Central. Space A10 this year.

  Q - What will the weather be like?
  A - Visit Weather.com which has live weather reports

  Q - Where can I purchase Propane?
  A - There is a propane fill station down the road @ the Calico KOA near I15

  Q - Who can I ask another question?
  A - Write to Alan Draper, John Wessels or Joe O'Bremski

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